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    Create a large-scale, professional, team oriented precedent for China's translation industry.



    At present, in order to ensure smooth communication, the company or enterprise has to have professional translators in order to ensure smooth communication. However, the people around or employees within the company can not meet the needs. So translation companies have become the first choice. However, how can many translation companies choose a good Beijing translation company?


    1、 Is there any full-time translators


    Translators can be roughly divided into primary translation, intermediate translation and advanced translation. Take English as an example to illustrate the classification standard, English level 6 or 8, bachelor degree or above, most think that they can do translation work, but most of them belong to the primary level, that is, literal meaning of translation, and there will be more grammatical or syntactic errors. On the basis of the elementary level, intermediate translation has done translation work for more than 3-5 years, and has rich experience in the field of concern. It has a thorough understanding of translation theory and practice, and has mastered more skills and is more proficient in language use. The translation of intermediate translation should not be made with major mistakes, and there may be a little lack of details. Advanced translation has been working in the translation industry for more than 10 years, with high language talent, and has a deep understanding of translation. The industry knowledge and language knowledge are rich, and the translation manuscript can meet the requirements of accuracy and fluency. Translation review is often in the translation industry with many years of translation experience, deep knowledge of language, but also has the characteristics of careful and serious.


    2、 Choosing Beijing translation company should first look at the translation quality


    Translation, like any other product and service, has quality differences. For example, subtitle translation, if not good, will make complaints about it, and be confused by the fans.


    3、 On the qualification and integrity of the translation company

    該翻譯公司組織機構是齊全,管理操作是否規范,在翻譯市場上是否經常有大項目的往來合作,是否在社會上有較高的威望 任何一個企業想要找到一個堅實的后盾,那么則必須要保障一定的誠信。沒有誠信度,那么則會影響到其翻譯服務的水準。對于一個高品質的翻譯服務公司來說,誠信是最基本的。

    The translation company has complete organization, whether the management operation is standardized, whether there are frequent exchanges and cooperation of large projects in the translation market, whether there is a high prestige in the society for any enterprise to find a solid backing, then it must guarantee certain integrity. Without honesty, it will affect the level of translation service. For a high-quality translation service company, honesty is the most basic.

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