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    Create a large-scale, professional, team oriented precedent for China's translation industry.



    If a translation company wants to get the recognition of its customers, it needs to be sure of quality first and then service. Do you know how to control the translation quality of Beijing translation company? Here is a detailed introduction:


    The most important thing in the preliminary examination is the attitude of the reviewers to the manuscript, and they should do their best and work hard. As an auditor, unless the content of the trial is relatively small, it can be carefully reviewed from the beginning to the end. However, for medium and long translation, it is impossible to re translate all the original materials once, or even carefully proofread all the translated texts.


    The method of preliminary examination is: whether the previous paragraph is checked at the beginning, and the paragraph is selected for proofreading from the middle or the end. Some translations are always at the end of the sentence. The key words and sentences are proofread. In particular, the proofreading of professional nouns and pun sentences is paid attention to. If there is no obvious mistranslation in two or three paragraphs, it is probably judged as basically qualified and enters the secondary review process. If not, we should call back to the interpreter for correction. Next time, we will enter the preliminary trial stage, so the preliminary examination will be finished.


    The method of second review is not so flexible. It is necessary to carefully check from beginning to end. Any problems in translation, including punctuation symbols, should be checked sentence by paragraph.


    Through the second review, two people can check the manuscript from different angles, and make the manuscript almost perfect. Whether it is the first or the second review, we should have enough understanding of the original text, which is the most basic and important. The main way is to check and sort out the relevant data. The quality standard of translation is extremely strict, including the self-examination and self translation of the translator. In fact, it has been three times of proofreading. Each manuscript has experienced three steps: self-examination and self translation, preliminary examination and secondary review. Therefore, customers will be assured of the order and be relieved to receive the order.


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